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'''[[Add Glossary Item]]'''
'''[[Add Glossary Item]]'''
== New Glossary (Work in Progress) ==
== Glossary Index ==
== U ==
; [[Update-DR]] : A noted sub-operation of DR-Scan that represents the action of synchronizing all change actions of the target 1149.1 register or 1687 instrument that is active under the current selected instruction when the 1149.1-SM is in the Update-DR state at the falling-edge of TCK.
== V ==
; [[Vector Proxy]] : The delegation by the Test Control System of the application of vectors to a remote target outside of the current controller.  See also [[Glossary#S|Scan Proxy]] and [[Glossary#T|Test Step Proxy]].
== W ==
; [[Wrapper-Boundary Register]] (WBR) : An IEEE Std 1500 serial shift-register similar to the [[Glossary#B|BSR]] of a device, but with more defined capabilities, that is meant to wrap around a core to provide the ability to test the core in isolation (in-facing mode), or the test logic attached to the core using the wrapper instead of the core (out-facing mode).
; [[Wrapper-Bypass Register]] (WBY) : A single-bit register applied in parallel to the IEEE Std 1500 registers (e.g. WIR, CDR, WDR) that can be used to reduce the Wrapper’s scan shift-path to only 1 bit.
; [[Wrapper Instruction Register]] (WIR) : The local instruction register associated with the IEEE Std 1500 TAM.
; WSI : A IEEE Std 1500 TAM signal, Wrapper-Serial-Input, that is the beginning of the serial scan-path for the IEEE Std 1500 Test Wrapper.
; WSI-WSO : The abbreviation for the IEEE Std 1500 serial scan-path, Wrapper-Serial-Input to Wrapper-Serial-Output.
; WSO : A IEEE Std 1500 TAM signal, Wrapper-Serial-Output, that is the end of the serial scan-path for the IEEE Std 1500 Test Wrapper.
== X ==
; XBST : See [[Glossary#E|External Boundary Scan Test]].
== Y ==
== Z ==

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