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The Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA®) specifications, denoted PICMG 3.X, are a series of PICMG specifications, designed to provide an open, multi-vendor architecture targeted to requirements for the next generation of carrier grade communications equipment. This series of specifications incorporates the latest trends in high speed interconnect technologies, next generation processors and improved reliability, manageability and serviceability.

AdvancedTCA, also known as ATCA, is the first open architecture that provides an extremely sophisticated and robust system management architecture that enables High Availability systems that keep running in the event of individual component or sub-system failure. This also enables “on-the-fly” software upgrades while the system is operating.

The original AdvancedTCA specification was released in January of 2003 and has been adopted by many of the top telecommunication equipment providers. It has expanded its reach into non-carrier grade environments where high processor and I/O density coupled with high system bandwidth are required.

AdvancedTCA is the most widely used open standard for global telecommunications infrastructure and is becoming so for a variety of critical military applications. AdvancedTCA is also employed in large-scale physics experiments and ruggedized applications in the military market.

Companies participating in the AdvancedTCA effort have brought a wide range of knowledge of the industry. They include telecommunications equipment manufacturers, board and system level vendors, computer OEMs, software companies and chassis, connector and power supply vendors.

Source: PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturing Group(PICMG)

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