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Voting Roster

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This is the voting roster for the legacy SJTAG Initiative Group and is retained as an historical record.

The voting roster status of members is shown below. Only those members who have attended or contributed to the conference calls are recorded.

Name Status
Brad Van Treuren Yes
Ian McIntosh Yes
Adam Ley No
Heiko Ehrenberg Yes
Peter Horwood Yes
Carl Nielsen No
Carl Walker Yes
Patrick Au No
Yingwu Li No
Tim Pender No
Anthony Sparks No
Eric Cormack Yes
Harrison Miles No
Andrew Levy No
Brian Erickson Yes
Michele Portolan No
Richard Foster No
Dick Miller No
Kim Petersén No
Bill Eklow No

This roster was last updated on August 2, 2017 - It is manually updated, so please contact the chair if you think this roster is out-of-date.