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Wiki Usage Basics

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You will need to create a login to edit content on this wiki. Just follow the link at the top of the page. User names can include spaces, so using your real name is perfectly allowable, although a separate space is provided for an (optional) real name entry. In any case, the user name you select should be recognisable to other users. You will be asked to authenticate your e-mail address before being allowed to create or edit pages.

User Profiles

You can change your details and some behaviours of the wiki by following the "My preferences" link.

Getting started

Links in red indicate pages that have not yet been created. To add the page, simply follow the link. If you're logged in, you'll go directly to the page editing screen (see the Help page for more details on editing content).

Page Authors

Remember to check the "discussion" tab on your pages, in case there is some feedback that you should be taking into account.


It is possible to use the "Template" technology of the wiki in order to include sub-pages within a document. This may help to break up a large document into several smaller docuuments for easier management or to include common content in multiple documents. Place {{:SubdocumentName}} (note the leading colon) at the point in your main document where you want the content of the sub-document to appear.


This wiki has the "cite" extension installed, allowing you to embed citations of reference material within your documents. An automatically numbered reference is placed in the document at the indicated point and a corresponding list of all citations is shown elsewhere, usually at the foot of the document. The reference number acts as a link to the citation, and an arrow symbol preceding the citation text links back to point of reference. This allows the reader to check the citation and then quickly resume reading.


To use this feature include the the reference citation within <ref>...</ref> tags immediately after the textual reference, e.g.:

This initiative team worked together to provide an SJTAG white paper.<ref>SJTAG White Paper</ref>

This will insert a superscripted reference number as shown:

This initiative team worked together to provide an SJTAG white paper.[1]

It is also possible to include a hyperlink within the reference, as in this example:

This initiative team worked together to provide an SJTAG white 
paper.<ref>[], SJTAG White Paper</ref>

This is apparently rendered identically to the the first case (the difference is in how the citation is listed):

This initiative team worked together to provide an SJTAG white paper.[2]

Towards the end of your document, include a "References" section and include the <references/> tag (note the position of the "/" character).

== References ==

This will include a list of citations as shown below. Each citation has an up-pointing arrow - clicking on this will take you the point where the citation was made. In the case of the citation including a hyperlink a numbered link to the referenced document is included.


  1. SJTAG White Paper
  2. [1], SJTAG White Paper

Repeated References

If required, the same citation may be referenced more than once, by "naming" the references: Only one instance need be given in the form <ref name="name">...</ref>; all other instances of the same reference should be in the self terminated form <ref name="name" />. It is not necessary for the full reference to be the first instance.

News feeds

If you have a news aggregation tool (news reader), then RSS/Atom news feeds are available from every page in this wiki. You can use this to monitor changes to any pages of specific interest to you, alerting you to any changes without having to keep revisiting the wiki.