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Wiki Usage Rules

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User Logins

Users are free to create their own usernames, but we'd ask that you make sure that these make it reasonably easy to identify the user. Spaces are allowed in usernames, so "real" names can be used if you wish, although it is also possible to enter your Real Name in your Profile and keep a simpler username for login purposes.

Monitoring Changes

There are two ways to identify Wiki content changes.

  • If you are interested in tracking changes to specific articles (e.g. amendments to articles that you authored) then you can add the pages to your "Watchlist" - Open the page then click on the "watch" link at the top of the page. Any changes to the page will then be indicated on "My Watchlist". You can also set e-mail notification for watched pages in your Preferences.
  • If you just want to casually check for new or updated articles, then you can simply use the Recent changes link on the Navigation panel. By default, this lists the last 50 edits within the last 7 days, but these bounds can be extended up to the last 500 edits or the last 30 days.


Edits can only be made by registered users.

All users must be aware that any work they carry out on the wiki may subsequently be edited or reversed by another user. If it important that a page remains unchanged for any reason, then an admistrator can arrange for the page to be locked.


Each page has a "discussion" tab. Consider this as a scratchpad for the article and use this to make notes for co-authors of the article. Any debate of the article subject matter should be carried out on the SJTAG Forum, rather than on the discussion tab. Authors should remember to check for new notes on the discussion tabs.