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Copyright Within the SJTAG Website

Policies for System Test Access Management Study Group

Submissions to the website are governed by the IEEE-SA Copyright Policy.

Unless expressly stated otherwise by the contributor, all submissions are assumed to fall within the definition of "Public Domain" given in section 7.1 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws. Re-use by third parties of such public domain material is therefore without restriction, although acknowledgment of as the source is considered a courtesy.

The contributor is expected to exercise due diligence in ensuring that contributions are free from copyright restrictions or are accompanied by appropriate permissions.

Legacy Policies for SJTAG Initiative Group

User Submissions

All user submissions to the SJTAG Working Group, whether through Wiki articles, Forum posts, e-mail or file uploads are deemed to assign rights to the Working Group for re-use or re-publication of the submitted material, either in whole or in part, within other publications of the SJTAG Working Group. Further, the SJTAG Working Group may subsequently permit re-use or re-publication of such submitted material by third parties as may be approved by the officers of the Working Group. Any such re-use or re-publication shall credit the SJTAG Working Group and may or may not credit the original author, although every effort will be made to ensure proper attribution wherever possible.

Other than the assigned rights stated above, the original author retains all rights in his work.

Copyright material must not be posted to the website without the express permission of the copyright owner. However, note that it is generally considered that quoted excerpts, used in context, will not breach the principle of copyright.

Third Party Material

From time to time, the SJTAG Working Group may re-publish presentation material on the subject of System-level JTAG from conferences, workshops or meetings hosted by other organisations, where such material is considered to be in the public domain or has been offerred to the SJTAG Working Group by the author. The SJTAG Working Group has no right to authorise or limit subsequent re-use of such material unless:

  1. The author has expressly granted such assigned rights to the SJTAG Working Group, or
  2. The author has incorporated a recognised SJTAG Logo within the material, the inclusion of such a mark being considered an implicit assignment of re-use and re-publication rights.

Re-use of SJTAG Working Group Material by Third Parties

The Working Group will freely allow use of material from the SJTAG Website by third parties, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • That the SJTAG Working Group is properly credited as the source of the material, preferably also including reference to the original author. Suitable forms of credit include:
    • Copyright 2007,2008, The SJTAG Working Group
    • Copyright 2008, A.N. Author,
    • © 2008,
  • The material is used in context, and does not distort or misrepresent the efforts of the Working Group.
  • Any re-use acknowledges that SJTAG is a work-in-progress and that opinions and suggestions made within the material are not professional recommendations, and are subject to change without prior notification. See also SJTAG:General_disclaimer.

Further References